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a guide to the white girl’s “sexy” dance


  • sway hips in a figure 8 motion
  • do this while bending the knees into a squat position
  • come back up
  • raise arms above head
  • look at armpit seductively
  • put hands in hair
  • don’t pay attention to the beat
  • at all
  • this is your dancefloor
  • you rule the school, Megan
  • swing those hips, you sexy bitch

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'A Summer Evening' by Ludwig Herterich (1856 -1932). Plate from 'The Studio' (Volume 37). Published Leicester Square, London.

Well, when people go “Tori, this is so depressing,” My response is, “Look, if it happens to you or your daughter, you’ll shut up, your whole life will change. You might be uncomfortable dealing with this, but if your daughter needs help, there is a place where people can go. At least they can advise your daughter or your son where they need to go if they’ve had a problem that you can’t deal with.” You’d be surprised just how many parents just don’t want to talk about this. Somebody said that Howard Stern said sarcastically that I was a “real party.”

But you know, rape isn’t about a party. If something like that happened to somebody he loved, he better hope I’m not about a party when that moment happens and they need help. I’m really doing this so that people can go to a party. I’m doing this so that people who feel that at 21 their lives are over, or they don’t know how to have an intimate physical relationship, that they can be beautiful people again.

Tori Amos, New York Post - January 17, 1997 (via torispokenword)

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